Doodle God™ App Reviews

128 add


Très bon jeu

Super fun

So creative!


Good game, its easy to understand and hard to finish it all!!

Aggressive advertising. For paid app

Nice game, bad ADS ! Ive paid for the APP, Already ! Jogo ótimo, Mas propaganda ocasionalmente " chatonildamente"agressiva para um aplicativo pago!

Annoying Product placement

Do not buy! facebook and twitter buttons jumping in your face all the time. annoying adds to buy tips jumping up this went from a brilliant game into a sensational commercial trap and disgusting product placement application Shame on you!

Hours of fun

Yep you can play this game for a long time, and its kinda fun. Woo...

Its pretty awesome if you ask me


I love this game (,:


Keeps crashing whenever I get a notification from outside the game, please fix

Super fun and original

Im giving this app 5 stars because of its level of awesomeness but dont get to attached if youre not prepared to pay for the full version. I bought it and I have no regrets.

Dont purchase, waist of money.

By far the most glitched out game Ive ever played. Game crashed on me 6 times in 5 minutes! Highly annoying ads for other Doodle games which to no surprise crash just as much. Again, WORST GAME.

Love this app

I find the game interesting Funny comments when making a move lol

I cant believe i payed for this

This game is incredible. I love the game it self but this is the payed version and they are treating it like it is a free version. I Still get ads ever couple of minutes.

Nice update

ReLy kool game

Very good

Very nice

Hours of Fun

Highly addictive! Fun for all ages


I really love this game! Continue your updates so we can play again!!! Good job

Best game

This is the best game ever


Super fun and different make sure to keep up with the updates

Broken feature

I spent $5 to get the feature that disables reactions that have already happened but it doesnt work? Please fix or refund!!!!!

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